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Custom Research Center, Inc. (CRC) is Puerto Rico’s leading full service marketing research firm.  Incorporated in 1982, CRC has established a local, national and international reputation as a serious, scientifically oriented research firm. Our approach combines tested traditional methodologies with innovative modern ones, emphasizing problem identification as the indispensable first step in research design. Our highly-educated and experienced group of statisticians, economists, moderators and market research specialists work with each client to define goals and develop a customized research methodology that will produce reliable, actionable results. Our team specializes in creating a unique marketing or management strategy that will ensure your success in the highly competitive environment of the new globalized economy.


In today’s highly competitive environment, the ability to develop successful marketing strategies largely depends upon the accurate perception of consumer awareness, attitudes, knowledge and opinion. Quality research is the only vehicle to enable the clients to keep up with these consumer dynamics. Our staff includes experts in scientific sample design, and the development of quantitative questionnaires and guides for focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDI's).  We validate at least 25% of each interviewers work, compared to the industry standard of 15% to 20%. Sound project design and meticulous standards for fieldwork enable us to deliver sound actionable results to our clients.


The project is all about the client. Our approach is geared to helping clients define their problems and their goals, and then designing a customized research project to facilitate strategic planning including marketing and promotional strategies. CRC strongly believes in a teamwork approach, combining our own talents with those of our clients. We maintain the client informed as to the progress of each project and confer back and forth whenever necessary. We stand by our research and promise 100% commitment to the success of each project. This philosophy has helped us to fully satisfy our clients.


We at Custom Research are committed to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in every project we undertake. All information about a client or collected for a client is confidential and will not be used for any other purpose but to serve the client. Human subjects in all our research projects are always treated with courtesy and respect for individual privacy. Our relationship with each client is based on mutual trust and dedication to mutual research goals. We apply strict quality control measures to all our projects and guarantee the reliability of all data collected.


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